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Arthritis Friendly Kitchen Gadgets

Posted by Kristy on

This article come about after spending a day with my fiercely independent 80 year old Grandma who suffers from Arthritis. Never one to ask for help I watched her open jars and cut food in the kitchen at points grimacing in pain. The look of satisfaction (independence intact) when she had finished spurred me to do some research on arthritis friendly kitchen gadgets.

Kitchen Gadgets listed below can help make tasks around the kitchen easier placing less stress on joints while maintaining your independence.

  1. Zyliss “Classic” food chopper

    Hands tire easily when chopping vegetables? Simply place food in the cup, hit and release handle with minimal effort and food is chopped. Blades rotate as you push moving food around for even cutting. Easy to clean under running water or dishwasher safe. Backed by a 5yr manufacturer’s warranty.


2.  Zyliss Strongboy 2 Jar Opener

Opening jars can be extremely frustrating for sufferers of hand Arthritis. With the strongboy jar opener you can open food jars and bottles with minimal effort. The retractable rubberised band adjusts by turning the handle anti-clockwise allowing the band to extend to fit most size lids. Turn the handle clockwise securing the jar and use the long, sturdy hand to open the jar. The long sturdy handle is fitted with an ergonomic grip and the length allows for greater leverage.


3.  Alligator Chopper with collector

Don’t trust yourself with sharp knifes? Using the Alligator is as simple as opening the lid and placing food on the chopping grid. With minimal effort close the lid down and the chopped pieces are pushed conveniently into the collector. Perfect for julienne, dicing and chopping vegetables with minimal effort.


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