• $29.95
    Avanti Folding Mandoline Slicer
      The Avanti Mandoline Slicer comes with interchangable blades Includes three double sided cutting blades for six different cutting options: thin slice, ultra thin julienne; medium slice, thin julienne; thick...
  • $29.95 $24.95
    Cuisena Mandoline Slicer
        The Cuisena Mandoline Slicer comes equipped with 5 interchangeable blades 5 different blades allow product to cutt, slice, and mince a wide variety of fruits vegetables and cheeses. Can...
  • $49.95 $39.95
    MasterChef Mandoline Slicer
      When you want to cook like a Master Chef one thing to remember is to focus on the presentation as any great meal should be a feast for the eyes as well The MasterChef Mandolin Slicer will enable you to cut and...
  • $49.95 $32.95
    Progressive Julienne & Mandoline Slicer
    Slice and julienne all in 1 unit Easily adjust to 3 thicknesses: from thin to medium to thick Simple transition from slice to julienne blades Hand-held slicer with a wider surface to accommodate larger fruits and...

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