• $24.95 $19.95
    Avanti Digital BBQ Thermometer Fork
    Take the guess work out of cooking your favourite roast  Easy to read backlight LCD display  Stainless steel thermometer probes with safety caps  6 preset meat selections & 4 taste...
  • $94.95 $69.95
    Avanti Infrared Digital Thermometer
    Infrared thermometer instantly measures the surface temperature of your cookware or bbq grill grates Also has a room temperature function Gauges temperatures from -50°c 750°c Bar graph Display  Simple to...
  • $12.95
    Cuisena 60 Minute Mechanical Timer
       Cuisena mechanical timer is great to ensure you don't overbake your your favourite recipe The simple kitchen timer will become a favourite and an often used part of your equipment This one has a nice loud...
  • $6.95
    Cuisena Candy Thermometer
        Perfect thermometer for candies and caramels Easy to read measurements Features a handy adjustable clip Fahrenheit and Celsius scale measurements 0ºC - 200ºC 0ºF -...
  • $39.95
    Cuisena Digital Instant Read Thermometer
      Accurate to 1/10 degree Easy to read display Fahrenheit and Celsius scale. Wide temperature range from -10'rdmC ' 200'rdmC (14'rdmF ' 392'rdmF) Water...
  • $19.95
    Cuisena Digital Quick Check Thermometer
        Compact size for easy storage Temperature gauge in Celsius Takes the guesswork out of cooking Made from a combination of plastic and stainless steel Do not leave thermometer in oven while cooking Keep...
  • $19.95 $14.95
    Cuisena Digital Timer 20 Hour
      Cuisena 20 Hour Digital Timer  Simple to use with a large display screen  Can stand on the work surface using its retractable base Also features a magnetic back to stick to the fridge, cooker, range...
  • $8.00
    Cuisena Fridge & Freezer Thermometer
      Dial measurements range from -30°C to 30°C Hangs from fridge or freezer rack or stands on rack or shelf Easy to read dial Ideal for fridge or freezer Proper temperature management will help protect...
  • $8.00
    Cuisena Fridge & Freezer Thermometer White Dial
        The ideal thermometer for the fridge or freezer Has a handy suction mount or hook for hanging conveniently in your fridge or freezer Range 30°c to -30°c Dial diameter...
  • $29.95
    Cuisena Jumbo Digital Thermometer
      Specifications Large, easy to read digital display takes the guesswork out of cooking Compact size for easy storage. Stainless steel probe with protective cover. Temperature gauge in Celsius and Fahrenheit...
  • $9.95
    Cuisena Meat Thermometer
        Easy to read dial Features a fahrenheit and Celsius scale  Easy to use eliminates the guess work when cooking all kinds of meat Each Cuisena product comes with an unconditional guarantee...
  • $9.95
    Cuisena Milk Thermometer  27mm dial
        Perfect thermometer for attaching to your milk jug when frothing. Coloured red band indicates optimum milk temperature 65°C - 70°C. Handy clip mounts securely onto your jug ready for frothing...
  • $10.95
    Cuisena Milk Thermometer 44mm dial
      A great tool for making perfect cappuccinos and lattes. Handy clip feature lets you secure thermometer onto jug when frothing  Heat resistant up to 100°c Coloured band indicates optimum milk...
  • $8.00
    Cuisena Oven Thermometer
        Easy to read dial with Fahrenheit and Celsius scale eliminates the guess work when cooking. Can stands or hang.  Each Cuisena product comes with an unconditional guarantee against faulty materials or...
  • $4.95
    Cuisena Timer 3 Minute
      Cooking a perfectly boiled egg in boiling water takes 3 minutes take the guess work out with this cuisena timer  Made from walnut, this 3-minute timer is handy and easy to store. And best of all, Does not...
  • $14.95 $9.95
    Davis & Waddell Maverick Potato Button Thermometers 4pc Set
      Maverick Potato Button thermometers are the perfect accersorries for the beloved baked potato Use these thermometers to make your friends and family the best bakes potato going around Easy to use simply place...
  • $24.95
    MasterChef Digital Thermometer
      Take the guesswork out of knowing when a roast chicken, baked fish or grilled steak is done Can be used at high temperatures where precision is important, used to measure the temperature of sugar syrup when...

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